5 Signs You Should Replace Your Attic Insulation

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I get this question a lot. If you’re thinking about your attic insulation, you’re probably wondering if you should replace it with fresh insulation. The short answer is: you should replace your attic insulation if it is 30 years or older, soiled from insect or rodent infestation, or if it poses health risks. Doing so will improve your indoor air quality and energy efficiency.

For 20+ years, I’ve met with Atlanta-region homeowners to discuss their attic insulation. After the introductions, one of my first questions is, “What has gotten you so motivated to be interested in your attic insulation?”

Afterall, how can I provide a solution for my client, if I’m not crystal clear on what they are needing?

In my experience, when a homeowner is ready to make the investment to have their attic insulation removed, it’s most often for one of these 5 reasons. These are not in any particular order.


1. Attic insulation 30 years old or more, should be replaced.

After 30 years, loose-fill and blanket type attic insulation products have dramatically settled and lost much of its effectiveness. Settling reduces the R-value, which means heat will flow more easily in and out of your house. Additionally, in 30 years time, attic insulation has been compromised with dust, dirt, and who-knows how much organism activity. It’s a common refrain I hear from new home buyers, “Bob, the attic insulation is original to the house, and it just looks old and worn out”. When it’s out-lasted its usefulness, it’s time to replace your attic insulation.

2. Attic insulation soiled from rodents or insects should be replaced.

Nasty, soiled insulation is probably the #1 reason we are called to replace attic insulation. Squirrels, rats, mice, bats, and roaches are the Big 5 intruders that I find in attics, here in the south, particularly in Atlanta, GA. And it doesn’t matter what time of year. It doesn’t take long for any one of these trespassers to reproduce, and create havoc in your insulation. They destroy insulation, wiring, hvac ducts, and more. The nastier they can make your insulation, the more they love it. No one wants to live in a house with filthy attic insulation just 2’ above their head. While the insulation is removed, the attic space is treated with a sanitizer. There’s no better feeling for a homeowner, than seeing all of that nastiness sucked out of the attic and hauled away!

beau spraying cellulose insulation


3. If your attic insulation is making you sick, it should be replaced.

Replacing your attic insulation will be one of the most affordable remedies for your respiratory problems! Our homes are getting tighter, and more energy efficient. And you may be spending more time inside your home, working from home. This is becoming a frequent reply to my questions, “Bob, could my attic insulation be making me sick?”. In fact, I heard this question today, and was hired by a couple with a young 5 year old son with severe reactions to the nasty attic insulation in their 100 year old Kirkwood neighborhood home. It’s homeowners like this who want the offending attic insulation removed and replaced with insulation that is not a health hazard, nor linked to known bad-health symptoms. There are options available today for healthy, safe attic insulation. You don’t have to feel sick in your home!

4. Replacing old attic insulation can significantly improve your indoor air-quality.

Improving the indoor air quality (IAQ) is probably the 2nd most frequent motivation I find with homeowners who have invited me to the house for a consultation and attic evaluation. Everyone has a nose. And some of our noses are very sensitive to odors and various contaminants floating in the air we breathe inside our homes. Once the attic insulation is removed, it’s now possible for a crew to thoroughly air-seal the attic floor. Air sealing the attic floor isolates the attic space from the living space. The immediate result is (almost always) dramatically improved indoor air quality, and less dust! Everyone’s nose is happier when the indoor air quality is improved!

5. Replacing your attic insulation can dramatically improve the energy efficiency of your home.

Working in the energy-programs with Atlanta-area utilities and energy providers, we’re taught that attic insulation is one of the first places to begin your efforts as a homeowner to improve energy efficiency in your home. In fact the three most important aspects of saving energy are air infiltration, air infiltration, and air infiltration. The only way to thoroughly slow the uncontrolled air infiltration currently trespassing back and forth between the attic and living space, is to airseal the attic floor. With the attic floor sealed, you can have fresh, new high-performance attic insulation installed that rewards you for many years! Imagine being able to enjoy your home because you have an efficient, high-performance thermal boundary over your head! The rewards are dramatic, and immediate!

Choose a Qualified Attic Insulation Company in Atlanta

Have you been considering removing your attic insulation? If any one of these 5 signs applies to your home, you should request a consultation from a professional attic insulation company to evaluate your attic and have a conversation about your options and goals.

If you live in the Atlanta area, you can get an instant online estimate for replacing your attic insulation, simply by answering 6 easy questions. Here’s the link: https://birdinsulation.com/attic-makeover-estimate/

I developed this online calculator to help homeowners get a better understanding of the costs involved in improving their attic insulation, and to make it quick and convenient to schedule a consultation and attic evaluation with a trained professional. Take a look!

Thanks for reading! God Bless You.

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