3 SILVER BULLETS to Keep Your Home Warm & Cozy!

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3 SILVER BULLETS to Keep Your Home Warm & Cozy!

Here are 3 Affordable SILVER BULLETS that get your home warm & cozy!

1. Remove the old, poorly-performing attic insulation and re-insulate with cellulose insulation.

  • Thoroughly air-seal the attic floor, to limit uncontrolled air infiltration between your vented attic and your conditioned living space.
  • Seal and upgrade any knee-wall insulation to a minimum of R-19.
  • Prep the attic with baffles, rulers, UL rated boxes for recessed light fixtures (if needed), hot flue wraps, exhaust fan ducts, etc.
  • Install high density cellulose insulation, to a performance of R-50 (15”).
  • Seal & insulate the attic access.

2. Seal and Insulate your HVAC Air Ducts, using closed-cell spray foam insulation.

  • The U.S. Dept of Energy estimates that the average American home is losing 30% of the conditioned air, through air duct leaks!

  • Imagine… If you have a 3 ton AC system, you’re trying to cool your home with only 2 tons of performance!

  • To add insult to injury, place that air duct system in a vented attic or crawlspace, and the extreme temperatures further deteriorate & compromise your system’s performance. No wonder you’re cold in the winter!

  • Using closed-cell spray foam insulation, we SEAL & INSULATE your air ducts.

  • You benefit from:

    • Cleaner air to breath.

    • Improved airflow from your vents.

    • Warmer heat, Cooler AC temperatures.

3. Seal & Insulate your floors, using closed-cell spray foam.

  • Get rid of the poorly performing fiberglass blankets hanging under your floors. Fiberglass batts or blankets are considered  “moisture sponges” here in the humid southeast, and attract rodents and bugs. They hang under the floor like wet clothes on a clothesline.

  • Install two-pound, closed-cell foam insulation to your subfloors.

  • Make sure it’s 2” coverage!

Perform these three upgrades to your home, and you will experience dramatically improved comfort and efficiency!

In fact, these three SILVER BULLETS out-perform replacement windows and expensive, high performance HVAC systems under most every test.

After all, why keep wasting your heat? Why heat your vented attic & vented crawlspace, when you can kill those energy-robbing vampires with these 3 SILVER BULLETS?

What are people saying about Bird Family Insulation?
We were in process of selling our home with water intrusion in crawl space. We had already moved out of the home and purchaser’s were already renting as they sold their home to. Bird became my hands and feet as we were 2 hours away. No question not answered or problem addressed super quickly. Recommended these guys for any needs they can help you with!”

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